My name is Kenny McKeithan. Many of you know me from taking one of the many classes I have taught through the Charleston Center for Photography. You probably don’t know that my history with the Center goes back almost all the way to the beginning. In 2003 I was asked by one of the founders of the Center, J. D. Cummings, if I would be interested in teaching classes for them. I told him yes but I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about it since I had never taught a formal class before. I sat in on a class with another instructor just to get a feel for how they did things. My intent was to just sit in for the first couple of classes. I enjoyed the experience so much that I ended up sitting in for the entire 6 week program! I taught my first class the following year.

Over time my first program, “An Introduction to Photography”, which was taught entirely with slides, improved and was eventually converted to digital. In due course I added additional programs, Lightroom, Macro and HDR and others. I learned a lot about photography and a lot about myself and I have found that teaching photography is one of my favorite things to do. I often tell students that I have just as much fun teaching photography as I do when I am out shooting. I’m not sure they always believe me but it’s true.

In January of this year I took over as owner and operator of the Center. You may have already seen some changes, these last two eNewsletters for one and the website is getting a facelift and a new look. We have a great new logo you can see attached this page and on the website thanks to the efforts of a long time friend Meg Thompson, her boyfriend Stephen Slappey and their marketing and design team Creative Consulting located in Summerville. If you are in need of a new logo or your old one needs refreshing or you are in need of marketing or social media assistance I cannot recommend a better team than these two talented young artists!