Here at the Center we get photography related questions all the time. With our ever changing, ever evolving digital era, it’s often challenging for a photographer to keep up. Whether using old school film or the newest technology in digital, the knowledge and skills needed to succeed can feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

Our purpose at the Charleston Center For Photography is to help you succeed in your craft. Maybe you are a beginner just getting to know your gear or a professional with a lighting or more complex troubleshooting question. No matter what challenges you encounter, our highly knowledgeable staff is here to use their skills and hands on insight to take you to that next level. We are here to help you at a location of your choice. With an hourly investment of just $75.00 we can customize training to meet your needs. And we offer plenty of encouragement along the way.

For more information about one-on-one tutoring, we can be reached by phone or email at…

843.324.6787 or at

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Please DO NOT pay for your tutoring session until AFTER it has been scheduled

Best wishes on your path to success!